The style reminded me of Albert Camus. Very vivid and visceral. I read it when it first came out but didn't have the mental courage to read it again now. One has to "admire" Germany's continuous support for racist ideologies. Repugnant.

Ideas for the blog: can you drink tea at Claridges and also be part of a revolutionary mvt because according to my husband I can't do both. 😭🤣

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Dec 18, 2023Liked by Vincent Bevins

I appreciated this book review. Just reading your description reminded me of the movie "Incendies", a 2010 movie directed by Denis Villeneuve, where secrets to uncover result in tumult as well as unimaginable disclosures and tragedies, both in the past and present.

I would enjoy more pertinent book or movie reviews from you, especially from Latin America or in other hot spots discussed in the news.

By the way, by reading your notes from "The Jakarta Method", you prompted me to read the very informative book, "Soldiers in a Narrow Land" by Mary Helen Spooner. In addition, after reading about Carmen Hertz in your book, I sought out the mini-series, "Caravan of Death" to find out more

about her story.

Your writing has broadened my horizons.

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